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How to start helping people with Low Vision in your Community Today

A simple solution to offer a Low Vision service to your patients

The Bierley Vision Club Benefits to Clients

  • £9.99 a month
  • Free vision aids for life, borrow a product like borrowing a library book with no return date
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Accidental damage waiver
  • Free upgrades to ensure the latest technology
  • Free increased magnification if required
  • Free help and advice
  • Interesting articles
  • Community Forum for sharing
  • Cancel your membership anytime


The Bierley Vision Club Benefits to the Optician

  • Monthly reoccurring revenue with no additional work involved
  • A great way to offer a range of products without any hassle
  • No need to stock any products
  • No expensive or complicated Low Vision Aids to demonstrate
  • All future dealings with the customer as dealt with by us
  • Become the local LV champion in your area
  • Add intrinsic value to your business by helping relatives, friends or neighbours of people with Low Vision

How it works?
Becoming an Affiliate

Joining is extremely simple and easy, just like our products.
With useful content and our free lending library there is something for everyone.


OPTION A (Fastest)
To become an affiliate is easy, just call us on 01664 481037 tell us a bit about your business and on the call we will set you up with a dedicated URL e.g. You can then add this link to your site using a banner from here or just post directly on social media, mention in blogs etc.


Set up as an affiliate like above, but have some postcards to hand out to anyone who is interested. The typical scenario for this would be that a customer asks if you have anything to help a friend/relative/neighbour who has poor eyesight. At this point you can pass on the card with your affiliate link on.


Set up as an affiliate and have post cards as above but as well this carry a couple of our most popular products. This is the optimal option because people can see it all working and if they want to join you can call us up and the customer can either buy the product outright or join the club.


Our Target Market

Although the end users will inevitably mostly be men or women over the age 70, the actual target audience is very much the friends/relatives or neighbours of these end users. Typically they will be aged 30-50 male or female.


The launch of the Bierley Vision Club has widened the market massively because anyone who understands the subscription model (Netflix, Gyms, Mobile phones etc.) can relate to the low monthly cost but huge value to the end user. Compare the club to buying the products and it becomes a no-brainer for everyone.


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